Common Orthodontic Problems

Loose brackets or wire irritation may occur from time to time during your orthodontic treatment. When these types of issues arise, we are available to help. Please contact our office as soon as possible so we can evaluate the urgency of your concern and schedule you to be seen accordingly. If you reach us after hours, please submit the form below and a member of our staff will respond as soon as possible.

The following are helpful solutions to remedy some of the most common issues you may encounter until you can be seen in our office.

Wire Irritation

Dry the area with cotton or tissue and cover the wire with orthodontic wax.

Loose Bracket

Loose brackets can generally be left in place until the patient is seen in our office. Dry the area with cotton or tissue and cover the bracket with orthodontic wax.

If it is a bracket located on one of the back molars, try to slide the bracket off and cover the wire with orthodontic wax. We ask that you please save the bracket and bring it with you to your visit.

Broken Wire

Broken wires need to be seen as soon as possible for replacement or adjustment. In the meantime, dry the area with cotton or tissue and cover the wire with orthodontic wax.

Sore Teeth

Over-the-counter pain medication, such as Tylenol or Advil, are recommended for discomfort caused by orthodontic appliances.

Canker Sores

Canker sores may develop during orthodontic treatment from the wires or brackets rubbing against your cheek. We recommend using Kanka along with wax to relieve discomfort. Please contact us if you notice a long wire or dislodged bracket, otherwise the irritation should resolve over time.

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