Invisalign® in Temecula

Do you want straight teeth, but don’t want to wear braces? We have the perfect solution for anyone conscious about their appearance during orthodontic treatment. Dr. Rucker is an expert Invisalign provider and is able to transform even the toughest cases with clear aligners. Learn more about how we can help you achieve the smile you want with Invisalign!

orthodontic case of Anterior Crossbite

The following case study demonstrates orthodontic conditions that have been successfully treated by Dr. Rucker and his Smile Squad at Rucker Orthodontics. The purpose of this presentation is to help you identify tooth position problems and provide you with examples of our smile transformations. What is an anterior crossbite? When the upper front teeth are …

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damon braces checklist murrieta

Your Checklist for Taking Care of Your Damon Braces

You got your Damon Braces on by Dr. Rucker!  Here’s a list of helpful reminders about what to expect as you are getting used to your braces. Foods Guide Avoid eating candy or foods that are hard, sticky, or chewy.  These types of foods lead to cavities and will likely cause your braces or wires to …

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Affordable Braces in Temecula

Affordable Braces in Temecula

One of the first questions people tend to ask is “How much do Damon braces and Invisalign cost in Temecula?” We know how important this is to you and have crafted ways for you to fit this important treatment into your budget. Before you read any further rest assured that your orthodontic treatment is going …

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Bonded Retainers…Are They Right For You?

You just had your braces removed and your teeth look amazing! So what can you do about keeping your new smile in place for the rest of your life? This is where retainers come in. We hope this article will help you better understand the importance of bonded retainers and why Dr. Rucker recommends them to …

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Do-It-Yourself Orthodontics…OR…Don’t?

I have been asked several times over the past year about a new company called Smile Direct Club, formerly Smile Care Club. You may have seen their advertisements on social media or on the internet. It has taken me a few months to finally decide that this topic may be worth talking about. Specifically, I …

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Early Interceptive (Phase 1) Orthodontics for Kids

Common questions from parents who are raising young children are usually as follows: How young should a child begin having braces? Should braces be used on baby teeth or permanent teeth? How old should my child be for their first orthodontist trip? If you are one of these parents asking about orthodontic treatment for their child in Temecula, then read this article. Dr. Rucker, orthodontist in Temecula, hopes to answer all of your questions on child orthodontic services in Temecula.

Life With Braces – Temecula Orthodontics

Welcome to your new life with braces! In order to adapt to your braces over the course of the next couple years, some lifestyle changes will have to be made, such as your diet, cleaning and sports life. Dr. Rucker, orthodontist in Temecula, goes over some key points to remember to help you adjust accordingly! Braces and Invisalign clear braces don’t have to make your life harder. Be sure they are protected!

Halloween Braces Tips in Temecula

Everyone’s favorite spooky holiday is coming right around the corner, and although dressing up and having parties is a large part of the fun, the number 1 favorite of Halloween is the candy. Choosing the right candy to indulge in might seem like a bit of a challenge for those who wear braces, and Dr. Rucker (orthodontist in Temecula) is here to give you some Halloween Braces Tips! Read the do’s and don’ts of living through Halloween with braces.

Emergency Orthodontics in Temecula

Are you starting out a new life with braces? A lot can happen in a couple years, so it is always encouraged to be prepared for an Orthodontic Emergency! Dr. Jonathan Rucker is a certified specialist in orthodontics, and he goes over the warning signs of when you should head to your orthodontist immediately. Whether you experience loose brackets, sore teeth, or wire irritation, you will be one step ahead when you read these tips!

Braces Care Temecula

As we all know, adjusting to life with braces requires some constant maintenance. This blog goes over the tips and tricks you’ll need to learn the best ways to brush, floss and eat with braces. We also go over a list of candies and foods to avoid if you want to keep your braces clean and undamaged. Keeping these points in mind will not only help you keep your braces clean, but will ensure a healthy and attractive smile once your braces are off!


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